Day: July 20, 2020

Just like various industries, the furniture industry has also been largely hit due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It has hit the entire world and the effect is seen on people, economies, and businesses. Several furniture stores in Ontario have transformed their traditional business into online business to reach the people online. Let us review the factors that impact your furniture business on this blog.

What are the factors that affect your furniture business?

Several COVID 19 associated factors contribute to the deteriorated revenue and sales of the furniture business. The majority of people stay at home either mandatory or voluntarily at this time. Because of the insecurity feeling regarding their financial future, people have stopped buying. Certain essential things like supplies and food are only purchased. For many people, furniture purchasing is not a major priority now.

How to improve sales by establishing an online furniture store?

If you own a furniture business, you should consider brainstorming ideas to make customers visit your store. When they start to visit your store, there are chances to close sales. We have shared some tips and ideas followed by several furniture sellers to improve the business while demand rises.

Use better and more images: It is important to use better images on your website since customers cannot see or feel the furniture directly. If the image is clear, it will let them know the quality and type of furniture. Ensure to include rich, high-resolution images for each product. Place different images for each configuration, various setups, or add on pieces. Some retailers just describe that it can be configured. If it is furniture that could be configured, you should show it in images. As customers trust and purchase by seeing the images, you have to ensure that it is clear and perfect.

Offer returns or exchange options: Most people think only Amazon sells furniture but in reality, there are several branded furniture sites on the internet. It is best to research and choose the best furniture store that delivers products directly to your home. As a business owner, you should be open for returns and exchanges. It is one of the most important selling strategies that will assist customers to purchase without any confusion. For example, if you do not product return or exchange options, customers would not make a purchase. As they purchase by seeing online, there are chances for them to make mistakes or wrong decisions. The furniture may not fit their room or purpose. So, you have to provide at least 10 days to 1 months return or exchange option.

Customer experience: When they are visiting your online store, the website should be easy to navigate and shop.

Remove the extra words: The product image should do the talking. Ensure to keep the description to a minimum. It is complicated to purchase furniture by seeing visually. So, the images and your company policies are the only impressive factors that can make your visitors turn as customers.

Incorporate measurements: Ensure to include measurements to help shoppers.