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If you have decided to enrich your lawn, then there are certain things you should do to develop a healthy, hearty lawn that is less vulnerable to disease and weeds. Guelph Maintenance is a leading property management and lawn care company, which you can rely on for all your residential and commercial landscaping needs. We have explained more here in brief about ways to enrich your lawn and get a lawn that you always wanted.

Avoid lawn fertilizer blunders:

There are chances of making several mistakes when using lawn fertilizer. The homeowners and even some lawn maintenance professionals make the same mistake. If you are wondering what mistakes to avoid, then keep reading. We have explained each of them in brief.

Failing to examine the soil:

It is important to test the soil before using the fertilizer. Just collect samples from different corners of your landscape and place individual samples at a depth of three to four inches. There should not be an extra root mass or vegetation in the sample. Combine the samples and fill in a bag. Send the samples for soil testing. Many homeowners do not perform soil testing and it is the reason all their hard work and effort fail. Before starting the landscaping process, you should test the soil, purchase materials that are appropriate for your soil, and then start the procedure.

Another important factor you have to consider is the pH level of the soil. The majority of lawn grasses prefer soil between 6.7 and 7.0 pH range. If the pH level of the soil is less or high, there are fewer chances for the fertilizer to work. If the soil has a pH level between 5.5 and 6.0, then you need to utilize applications that would sweeten the soil. In the same way, if the pH value of the soil is above 7.5, then you would use a lawn fertilizer or soil sulfur that will reduce the pH level.

The soil test results are very important when it comes to taking appropriate action. If it recommends pH issues or nutrient problems, then you have to correct the issue and keep testing the soil until you get the best result. If it does not show any problems, it is recommended to test once in three years to check the soil’s health.
It is best to take soil tests during Spring as it will be the time where the lawn would be calm and in sleep mode. Do not obtain soil samples immediately after grass fertilizing. It has chances to affect the results. Do not utilize any do it yourself kits. It is less expensive and it is not accurate.

Utilizing high level of lawn fertilizer:

Another common mistake majority of homeowners perform is utilizing fertilizer than the soil is needed. Several retailers market a four-step or five-step schedule for homeowners. When you use fertilizer for about four or five times, you are killing the soil. You have to use it by keeping in mind the right time to fertilize the lawn.