Tips for maintaining a healthy furnace

Furnace maintenance

Home heating systems are the largest energy consumers that eat away your energy expense. Maintaining a furnace at home accounts for more than 45% of the energy bill in an average family in the US. The Toronto Furnace Repair Pros recommend good maintenance of furnaces to bring down the energy cost. You can find the full list here about the different tips HVAC professionals need to take to prevent the spread of covid 19 indoors. You need to make smart decisions about the equipment you use for the heating system. Once the equipment is damaged, it will become a nagging issue and the problem will persist.

Let us take a look at some effective ways to maintain furnaces. The filter does most of the main job in the furnace. The filters do the crucial job of providing warm air. The filter is installed where the duct enters the furnace. It helps remove particles from air before passing it to the equipment for heating. The filter is responsible for removing dust, mites, bacteria, pollen, spores, pet dander among others. Inexpensive filters provide basic protection and expensive ones provide improved air quality. If the filter is clogged with dirt, it will result in inadequate air flow. You need to frequently change the filters as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The blower motor drives the fan that produces air movement. The furnace heats the air until it reaches the temperature after which the blower motor passes the air through the exchanger. This air is then distributed throughout. Blowers also provide air for the air conditioning system as well. The blower motor has a lot of parts and it needs to be maintained well. An issue with an electric motor or the wheel will result in a noisy furnace. A shrill noise indicates grinding of metal surfaces against each other. Electrical issues will result in a humming problem. A trained technician will help you identify the issue.

Keeping the house structure well insulated is vital to reduce the heating load. Any defect in the structure will allow cold air to seep in and hot air to leak out. A HVAC contractor will help identify and resolve such defects. The work will mostly involve sealing, duct work, insulating home and attic, weather stripping doors and windows among others. The air inside the house should circulate completely for the heating system to work. The vents must be clear and completely operational. Blocked vents can make furnaces over work making it less efficient. If you are using gas furnaces, you need to check the exhaust is clear. Gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide are found in the furnaces if the equipment is not serviced properly.

You must remove all flammable materials around the furnace. Furnace is not built with storage space around it. If there is a damage and catches fire, flammable objects will easily spread the fire quickly. The ductwork and vents has to be cleaned regularly and must be maintained in good operating condition.

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